I burned out

My “news detox” and some ideas on how to continue this platform

I started writing here as a way to address the rising burnout in the journalism industry. However, only 60 days after my first post, I walked away from the newsroom.

It turns out I was so close to being burned out, and while starting this blog was cathartic, I was already out the door.

I should clarify a little from what the headline suggests-I left what started as my dream job because that dream disappeared in an instant, in addition to burnout.

That’s a story for another day.

Mental health in the journalism industry is still a challenge that desperately needs attention. I believe Journowell has abundant opportunities. Being slightly removed from the newsroom might give me some perspective and the freedom to address some of the thorny issues impacting journalists.

I want to hear your thoughts: Do you see value in a platform like this? My early idea is a semi-regular blog and maybe a resource library. Let me know — leave a comment below:

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So, what have I been up to? A career pivot and a “news detox:”

News Detox: How I went from being a journalist to nearly zero news consumption in the last month

One month ago, I left what I thought was my dream job in my dream career field. Walking out of a newsroom was a challenge. It was also a huge relief. The first thing I did was delete every news app from my phone, unfollowed many social media accounts (the best that I could), remove most social media apps from my phone, hide newsletters from my favorite sources and take a breath. I’ve been calling it a “news detox.”

It’s now been a month of nearly zero news intake, and I have to say, I am really enjoying it. I am calmer, I have more time, and I think I am happier.

Is it sustainable? I’m not sure. I believe the lack of some news makes me a less informed citizen and I don’t like the idea of *not* supporting journalism.

Continue reading about how well it worked, where I failed, the benefits, and where I see my next steps on my personal blog.

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